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His stump rests in a hollow space inside the beechwood, attached at the elbow with the aid of leather straps. They are cutting into his flesh. He should know better by now and have loosened them before nodding off. Reluctantly, he opens his eyes and stares out across the vast plain of the stained table. When he makes an attempt to lift his head, his cheek sticks to the wooden surface and he inadvertently pulls his wig off as he stands up.

He curses and uses it to wipe his brow before tucking it inside his jacket. His hat rolls down onto the floor, its crown dented. He punches it out and then pulls it onto his head. His memory is beginning to return. He is at Cellar Hamburg and must have drunk himself senseless. A glance over his shoulder reveals others in a similar condition. The few drunks that the proprietor considered affluent enough not to toss into the gutter are sprawled over benches and across tables, until the morning, when they will stagger away to receive the reproaches of those waiting at home.

Not so for Cardell. Their faces look familiar but he is unable to recall their names.

a book review by Steve Liskow: The Wolf and the Watchman: A Novel

The Ram is groggy and flushed and has positioned himself between the children and a collection of etched glass: the pride of the cellar, stored behind lock and key in a blue cabinet. The condemned stop here at Cellar Hamburg on their way to the Sconce Tollgate and to the gallows beyond. At the steps of the Hamburg they are served their last drink, after which the glass is carefully retrieved, etched with name and date, and added to the collection.

The patrons may drink from one of these only under supervision and upon payment of a fee based on the degree of infamy of the condemned. It is said to bring good fortune.

Watchman: A Novel

Cardell has never understood the reasoning. Cardell rubs his eyes and realizes he is still inebriated. His voice is thick when he tries it. The boy is harelipped, and her brother, to judge by his features. The pounding of his heart threatens to drown out what feeble thoughts he tries to muster. Above the Southern Isle, the skies have not yet begun to lighten. Nothing has come of the long-held plans to clean the shoreline and build a quay with piers, though this is hardly any cause of wonder when both city and state teeter on the brink of ruin. The fine houses around the lake have long since been repurposed into manufactories.

The workshops throw their waste directly into the water, and the fenced section intended for human waste is overflowing and ignored by most. Cardell lets out a colorful phrase when his bootheel ploughs a furrow in the muck and he has to flap his healthy arm to maintain his balance. The butchers throw their scraps into the lake.

Something rotten—a dark lump—is floating a few meters out.

1. Childhood Memories

It is too small. An animal carcass. The boy nods in agreement. Cardell snorts in surrender.

Dead drunk. Manhattan ready to set up life back from Mars?