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Know how to protect yourself. This almost certainly means owning a firearm and knowing how to use it to protect yourself or others. Someone that has been specifically trained on how to use firearms in a defensive manner will almost always win the day in a gun battle.

The Armageddon Survival Handbook: How to Prepare Yourself for Any Possible Scenario

You also need to know how to clean your weapons and take care of them. Access to a gunsmith may or may not be available to you during an emergency situation Some people think they cannot use a firearm against another person, but this feeling changes abruptly when they see one of their family members at risk. Some people still cannot use a firearm in any circumstance, and these people should consider some form of self-defense such as the non-lethal devices stun batons, pepper sprays, TASERS, even baseball bats.

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People can feel that everyone will come together and rebuild society, and many good people will — but there are plenty of bad people in this world. And it may come down to you or them. For a handgun, I recommend a caliber for men and a 9MM for women. Most women find the kick of a caliber handgun too much to handle when shooting and are more comfortable with a 9 MM. A caliber handgun has more stopping power than a 9 MM, but any well-placed shot with any type of gun can mean game over for an intruder or attacker with malintent. Some other types of guns to consider are a good defensive shotgun 12 gauge with large-size buckshot and a long-range rifle with a quality scope.

How to Prepare Yourself for Any Possible Scenario

If you are not familiar with guns, it is best to find a friend who is who can help you through the process of buying handguns, shotguns, or rifles. Once you have the guns you want, it then becomes necessary to know how to safely use those guns without hesitation if needed.

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If you are not familiar with the handling of guns I highly recommend you find someone that can properly train you in a safe environment. I have sent my entire family to what I consider the best gun training that exists on planet earth for civilians. More on them at www. If that is too far to travel, there are plenty of other training facilities around the country you can find with a local search on the Internet. For those who live in Canada I recommend getting familiar with the process of obtaining any kind of weapons the Canadian government will allow citizens to own for hunting purposes or self-defense.

Unfortunately, the "bad guys" always have illegal guns — even in Canada. So it is in your best interest to go through whatever permitting or paperwork hassles necessary to obtain legal weapons of any kind in your own country. Have a way to cook food in case the power is off. A story below from someone who experienced an earthquake serves as a great reminder why we want to have the ability to cook our own food during a crisis A few years ago, I remember people waiting in long food lines after the San Fernando earthquake hit California. Many of the people in the damage zone spent hours in breakfast lines, then long lines for lunch, then a repeat for dinner.

They had to spend many hours a day in food lines because either they had no food reserves or had no means of cooking their stored food. A little preparation can go a long way in preparing for emergencies. Had these good people stored a little food, fuel, and invested in a good quality Dutch oven, they would be set for cooking in their backyard instead of relying on Federal troops to supply their family's nutrition. Good quality Dutch ovens are fun to use, the food always tastes great, and they're invaluable in emergencies. They require charcoal to prepare your food. Charcoal is safe and easy to store, eliminating the need to store dangerous liquid fuels for emergency cooking.

Most good Dutch oven cooks choose Kingsford brand charcoal because of the consistency of the product. If it takes 15 briquettes to cook a chicken once, it will likely take 15 the next time.

That neighbor who was in control during many minor emergencies may be the one pounding on your door with whacked-out eyes demanding what you have because they did not prepare for anything. Someone in your own survival group may just blank out in a zombie-like stare. Unexpected times bring out the best and worst in people — and you need to prepare for this possibility.

You yourself could lose it.

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Again, preparing for this will help should it occur. You always hope that disasters will bring out the best in your fellow human beings, but often this is not the case. Maintain proper hygiene. This is one of the top priorities within the armed forces because disease and sickness can and do take down the toughest of soldiers.

People must realize that after a terrible disaster, it is not like someone going camping, comes back dirty, and taking a nice long shower or a hot bath After a SHTF event the water to the faucets, as well the hot water heater, may not work. Bathing on at least a semi-regular basis is necessary to avoid all sorts of bacteria from building up on the skin and causing a variety of concerning ailments that will then have to be treated. People should plan on how they will keep themselves clean — think sponge baths or using personal wipes as an option.

How to dispose of waste and proper sanitation. In third world countries and the pre-flush toilet era, one of the leading causes of illness and death was and still is improperly discarded waste. Even improperly burying human excrement can lead to disease. Portable toilets, toilet paper, and disinfectant bleach, for one should be one of the top items in any survival kit. Disposal of other trash is an issue that can bring hungry dangerous animals around drawn to the stench.

Burning of trash is one method; plastic trash bags and the means to find some place to dump them is another alternative. Learn to control pests and other vermin. This is a problem that led to about half of Europe dying several hundred years ago with the Black Death. Fleas and ticks carry some terrible diseases. Even people that stay inside their own homes will have to deal with this problem.

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People outside will have to contend with the fleas, ticks, flies, mosquitoes, mice, rats, and so on There are many repellents in nature that can help: citronella, even the smell of garlic will repel most vermin. Stocking up on insect and other commercial repellents is always an excellent idea. It only takes one bite to make a person deathly sick. Understand radiation fallout and how to protect yourself.

This is one of the least understood of the survival precautions taken. There are hundreds of nuclear power plants that could fail after the world as we know it goes down the tube. There are still tens of thousands of nuclear weapons available for war should countries decide to use them.

Preparing Realistically for Survival Scenarios

Fallout is something that you might not even see The purchase of a radiation detector that is protected against EMP is a wise idea. Understanding about radiation accumulation dosage rad and how to shield oneself from exposure is paramount. Learn first aid. Many places offer free classes on first aid because they want people in the community to be prepared. A good first aid book along with a first aid kit is something every household should have before, during, and after a disaster. Primitive conditions should be expected when anyone is helping someone after a catastrophe.

A stockpile of antibiotics is always a good idea. Even acquiring the skill of making your own antibiotics can save lives as infection is something that will become an epidemic, especially with minor cuts and abrasions. My family has gone as far as being trained to stitch up wounds. We decided as a family that we would learn this skill in case anyone we knew was in need. We have purchased the sterile suture kits and could stitch small to medium size wounds as good as any doctor at this point. This also requires having the right supplies and equipment.

From my viewpoint, this is a skill set that is valuable in any circumstance — but particularly in SHTF events when medical personnel may not be available in a convenient time frame. Learn about nutrition. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are nothing to fool around with.


Just consider what scurvy, the lack of Vitamin C, can do to someone Many survivalists and "preppers" make the critical mistake of only being concerned about calories to keep them going. Each person needs different amounts and any survival food supply should take this need as important as the food itself.

Many survival foods have some of what your body needs, but sadly lack in others Vitamin and mineral supplements should be stocked with food if someone is unsure about what they are getting. Trace mineral drops are a liquid that can solve this problem, and are a good addition to any emergency supply. How to start and maintain a fire. This is for everyone.