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Schmidt again has a large and funny part. The story drags a bit but I urge you to make it through to the end. There is a bit there that had me laughing so hard the first time I read it. Rest is peace lovely lady we will miss your flair and your humor. Community This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication.

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Street of the Five Moons: A Vicky Bliss Novel of Suspense

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Street Of the Five Moons

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Mystery Playground: Street of the Five Moons and an Ignorance is Bliss

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The obvious connection to Vicky Bliss needs no explanation, but it also plays on the irony that even though Vicky is well educated, due to her measurements she has trouble getting people to take her seriously. She is on the trail of a master art forger whose forgeries could cause a threat to the authenticity of collections in every museum across the globe. In Rome she meets a man calling himself Sir John Smythe, someone she is romantically drawn to even though she suspects him of some shady dealings. As she closes in on the identity of the forger, she finds herself wrapped up in a level of intrigue she has never experienced.