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    Reached by Ally Condie 2, members, reviews 3. About this list Started by: cpg January Type: Numbered show numbers Related tags aliens 1, dystopia 1, ebook 1, Ender 3, fantasy 17, fiction 17, love 2, novel 1, own 1, paranormal 1, read 4, romance 7, science fiction 20, series 4, sf 2, sff 1, supernatural 1, teen 1, to-read 8, Twilight 1, vampire 3, vampires 10, werewolves 3, YA 5, young adult 8, And how stupid am I that I've kept reading long past the point where anger and frustration are now souring my enjoyment of the original?

    While the original Ender's Game actually had action and events that had emotional consquences, all the rest of the books are just tedious dialogues about things that will happen and debates about the emotions they should be feeling.

    And all the characters know what events will happen because of how incredibly smart they are! And they'll tell you that.

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    It's like sci-fi done by Aaron Sorkin. Just freaking painful. There's no genuine conflict here because Card has built Ender up into such a saint and all-knowing being that there's no chance of any outcome but Ender winning by being oh-so-wise. Set shortly after the ending of Ender's Game , a large part of the book revolves around a power struggle between Ender and the admiral of the ship taking him to the colony where he will be governor.

    But because Card can't stand to have anyone be smarter or an actual danger to his heroes, all the 'good' characters instantly know that the admiral is planning to sieze control once they get there. Even before the ship leaves. If they knew he was going to try and take over, then why send him at all?? Oh, and be warned. The afterword here states that Card is going to rewrite Chapter 15 of Ender's Game to correct 'mistakes' that don't correspond to the garbage he's written since.

    My advice is to buy an original copy of EG before that happens, and never, ever buy another one of these craptastic Ender follow-ups. View all 13 comments. Nov 13, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , read-in The war with the alien race, the Buggers is over.

    Ender has won the war, but at what price? What if you were 16 years old, had just won a war and were now treated as a political football? Also, considering what we find out in later novels about how the war was won, what impact would that have on a young man who thought he was playing an elaborate video game and instead was sending soldiers to their death and committing genocide?

    Card inserts a fascinating dynamic between Ender and the commander of the colony ship Ender is on, as the commander seeks to try and one-up Ender and seize power. Watching Ender slowly bring the comander in question down to size and the way in which he does it makes for one of the more satisfying twists in the novel. And yet, as I read this one, I had to wonder if it was really meant to be a novel. At several points, I found myself getting impatient to have the focus shift back to Ender rather than on some of the sidesteps along the way.


    However, any new novel by Card is something to be savored and a return to the Ender Universe is always welcome. View 2 comments. Dec 04, Crew rated it really liked it. Instead, Speaker for the Dead seemed to have a completely different Ender and the storyline through the following books Xenocide and Children of the Mind was written for people who swim in the deep end of the Sci-Fi genre.

    I swim in the shallow end, with the occasional foray into the deep end.