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We ship our books to over countries around the globe and we are always looking to add more countries to the list. We really, really love books and offer millions of titles, currently over 10 million of them, with this figure increasing daily. Federal Election Commission decision to apply First Amendment rights to corporate speech. The purpose of this special issue is to bring together new ideas on agency and responsibility from the breadth of disciplines in which such questions are addressed.

Call for Papers

Arguments from the field of business ethics have typically drawn on the discipline of analytical philosophy to answer whether business corporations are moral agents e. More recently these concepts have been theorised from numerous novel perspectives outside the field of business ethics, as we outline below.

Furthermore, legal scholars have long debated the concept of corporate personality Freund, ; Maitland, ; Dewey, ; Naffine, ; Harris, ; Ghadas, ; Ripken, ; Avi-Yonah, ; cf. Collison et al. However, little of this work has influenced parallel discussions in business ethics. More recently, political theorists have increasingly engaged with issues of corporate agency and responsibility in the state.

Some of these accounts draw on corporate ethics in suggesting that the status of the state as a corporation is vital in establishing conditions under which citizens can be held responsible for the actions of the governments they have elected e. Parrish, ; Stilz, ; Pasternak, ; Collins, forthcoming.

Here the question of whether the government of a state is properly accountable to the legislature, all its citizens, to every person resident in its territory or to a broader set of stakeholders e.

World-systems theory

The corporate status of guilds, towns, collegiate churches and the state is now an established area of intellectual history e. Gierke , , for example, famously expounded the medieval conception of the corporation as a group person and its gradual displacement by the idea of the modern state.

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In this way a genealogy of corporate personhood, were it to be attempted, might unearth fruitful alternatives to our contemporary notions of corporate responsibility. References and further details are available here. The aim of this issue is to bring together works that traverse disciplinary boundaries and engage with questions of corporate agency and responsibility from a variety of disciplines. We especially welcome papers that reflect on possible connections and interactions between philosophy, business ethics, political theory and critical legal theory around these issues.

The questions addressed by contributions to the special issue might include the following though this list is not exhaustive :. Each year the ILPC brings together researchers from a variety of countries with the objective of enhancing our understanding of contemporary developments relating to work and employment. Building on these developments, the aim of the conference is to extend and deepen connections between political economy research and labour process analysis.

We encourage papers that seek to develop inter-disciplinary linkages through their empirical, conceptual or theoretical content. We particularly welcome submissions on topics such as:. We also welcome papers related to traditional labour process territories and concerns. Examples include:. All abstracts are externally refereed. Papers must not have been previously published or presented elsewhere. The abstract should contain clear information about the topic, how it is being investigated and the intended contribution to knowledge.

Abstracts relating to new empirical research should contain information about theoretical orientation, findings, methodology and the stage of the research. Abstracts of papers that are concerned solely with theoretical or conceptual matters will need to provide clear information about the nature of the anticipated advance or innovation. Abstracts should be approx. Abstract submission is through the ILPC website www. The website will open for submissions on 2nd August Each year, ILPC hosts a number of symposia.

The format for a symposium should be roundtable rather than paper-based. If you wish to propose a symposium, please submit a proposal that includes information about the topic and that explains why a symposium format is appropriate.

Please list all of the contributors and provide information about their individual contributions. During the past few years, the conference has incorporated a select number of streams into the programme.

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While there is no intention to become a fully-streamed event, we have found that additional streams have been an important and intellectually stimulating aspect of our conference. Since streams only represent a portion of our conference, we may not be able to accept all stream proposals.

Acceptance of streams is based on a review process in which streams are evaluated based on two main criteria in addition to the substantive focus of the proposed stream :. Jason Heyes j. Doctoral students and early career researchers are especially welcome at the ILPC. The conference will include a pre-conference workshop and dinner, which will provide an opportunity to learn more about the scope and development of labour process research. It will also provide an informal environment in which to share experiences and develop relationships.

Food production has always been present in the economic debate on behalf of the concern about the relationships between the population growth and demographic changes. At this respect, one of the most famous references is the book Essay on the Principle of Population written by the British economist Thomas Malthus that describes the unbalanced growth of food production in relation to the population rate of growth.

The outcome of this unbalanced growth was seen as catastrophic because of the big deficit in food supply and the social problem of hunger. At that time, the population control was considered to be one of the proposals to face the food challenges. In spite of the Malthusian concern, new methods of food production have emerged which allowed the increase in food supply. Technological changes, however, have not occurred uniformly throughout the world. Indeed, some countries have managed to expand their production and trade surpluses while situations of hunger remained a reality in many parts of the world.

In addition to technological factors in food production, other political and economic issues are involved in the access to food. Wars and conflicts prevent people from growing or purchasing food and promoted social vulnerability in situations of hunger. Other political issues involve the appropriation of land land grabbing by hegemonic groups, corruption, etc. Access to food refers to the lack of financial resources preventing households to purchase food mainly in urban areas in addition to the lack of financial resources in small business to buy land and inputs, and also to adopt modern technologies.

In the 21st century, the scenario of changes in food production means that even with a larger supply of food, many people, mainly the poor ones, still live in a situation of starvation.

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Indeed, the food challenges need to be discussed in the context of the promotion of social justice. The current food challenges involve issues ranging from food access to national and international regulation. Although the scope and intensity of these challenges vary according to the economic situation of countries, the debate has been global.

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The purpose of this Conference is to enhance a debate that could stimulate the articulation of various aspects of the relationship between food and justice.